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a swahili piece by @Raya_Wambui enjoy..

Raya Wambui

Ndio, lugha, tunazo nyingi.
Neno zinge kuwa shillingi,
Tunge kuwa zote matajiri.

Tusi jilinganishe na mti,
Mwenye tuna muona kwa runinga,
Ati matawi zake na zangu za fanana rangi.
Jilinganishe na Jirani.
Mwenye ana eza kutunza watoto,
Tukienda kazi.
Siku ijayo, nikikosa.
Ndye atanisaidia chumvi.

Bega kwa bega,
Tunayo nguvu ya kuhakikisha uhai ya amani.
Tusikubali kuwa nyasi,
Ndovu zikipigania Udume.
Vijana tuungane, wewe na mimi,
Ili kesho tukule, leo, tulime.

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Random poetry

Random poetry.

A word and a mic fifth edition

A word and a mic fifth edition.

With Open Eyes

What are dreams,
visions to roaming minds?
So it seems.
Yet what is mild to the conscioussss
is in closed eyes sharp.
That shadowed wish
by daylight,
is a horse to its beggar
to ride in sheets.
To elope to flexible illusion

What is a dream,
a mere contradiction of reality?
That thirst to have it longer,
a near definition to insanity?
Are but the laws of gravity
limited to a fallen apple.
Have we exhausted all
to a point of mediocrity?
I dream with open eyes
to see clearer.


16 May, 2012 14:25

There are days when i cant speak
and in their nights, lack sleep.
Half in sheets, i lean on my bed:
pushing it to the wall,
stillness to achieve stiffness.
Stiffness to elude the old bed’s creak,
for in silence an old head leaks.
Listen closely you can hear.
A rythmic tap.
A consecutive beat
as my mind seeks more air:
more blood to think.
See whats there.
In vague pictures,
then words
then ink.


Heart of a story

In the heart of a strory
lies a deed:
often passed,
a memory to share a joy.
A memory to seek out a tear.
And by some, spoken to forget.

In the heat of a story
lies a seed:
often cast
to bring forth a man from boy.
To bring forth courage from fear.
To real heroes, sown to respect.



I walk out my feet bare
into the unforgiving sun.
I the unforgiven son:
Only sorry to myself.
My palm relaxed.
No fan in my hand,
my judgement is at hand

i walk out bare
into the unforgiving sun.
Im letting the sun scan
through my black skin.
Let it bring to light
all about me
as it possibly can.
All that tortures me,
forces injury on me:
brings me harm.

I walk out
into the unforgiving sun.
Take all my blemish away:
get it done.
And as for this twisted life
that is stuck in a web
of lies, pain and anger
that i span,
I’m letting it spin.
Close my eyes
and listen to it crash
and burn.

I walk out into the sun.
My tears blinding me.
Making me want to run
as far as i possibly can.
If there’s a cliff along the way:

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Just a drop

Just a drop.