Monthly Archives: March 2012

Another class

She speaks of guidelines
to a wealthy life
of neatly pressed suits
well condensed hoots
in traffic
i bend to write
i bend in spite
for a society that faces me out
chases me out
of that elite bracket
i write not what she speaks
for wham i to blame when it sticks
this i write?
This school is feeding me
with ideologies
plastic democracies
so much pep
yet what i seek to embrace
is not in this haystack.


live on..

I live in darkness
lord i ask not for a lamp
i ask you to hold my tongue
that i may not drown the world
in my grief
i ask that you make me deaf
so i can hear not
of what i can never have.
Take away my sanity
and make my ignorance bliss
but let my pen live on
let all the words it wrote last
let them linger in the minds of those i live behind..