New Creation

I start out with a mind desolate.
A mind with a firmament of water alone:
a dark virtual reality.
With only a conscience abiding therein.
I make light in my little world
a light that sees all,
that illuminates for me to see
and i call it day.
I let darkness be.
a darkness to hide sides of me i choose
a darkness to hide my sorrow,
my pain
and i call it night.
I create a throne
in golden streets:
a pedestal from all the rest
and i call it my little heaven.
I organise the masses of water
and call them seas, oceans, lakes, rivers
masses where i can lie on my back
and float away into the horizon.
I part the waters from dry land
so i can get a place to tread
in this journey of infinite paces
and i call it earth.
On earth, i bring forth seed
from seed, plant
from plant: fruit.
To fill my belly and quench my thirst.
I create lights
one for day
to fill me with warmth
and to scortch
they that scorn me
and I call it my sun.
One for night
to soothe me
in sleepless nights
and i call it my moon.


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