Oh music that speaks
speaks and my heart listens
sticks to my heart
staining my blood
with a flood
of words and notes
random quotes
a synthetic happiness
that carries serenity
with every heartbeat
pumping the symphony
my head nodding in synchrony
drawing my conscious mind
and expelling it
drawing my unconscious mind out
and exposing it
exhausting free will
everything bursting at the seams
my essence trying to keep afloat
keep a coat on my ears
to stop my sway
for what she say
as the instruments play
is the lullaby
to a local
and a soft whisper
to a passerby
making me a cat’s whisker
in milk
floating without bearing
a mind
floating without soaring
a wordless poem
because every aspect of the song
talks of me raw
and rips my ability of expression

everytime everything loses meaning
i choose her singing
to help in peeling
my heart to sensitivity
and ridding the soot
and mud
of those boots
that once tread on it


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